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CrossFit And Yoga: A Match Made In Workout Heaven

All across the country, CrossFit boxes are adding yoga classes to their repertoires, and for good reason. Yoga and CrossFit may be very different on the surface, but the benefits of the workouts when placed side-by-side are exponential.

Think of yin and yang. All life yearns for a perfect balance, equality and stability in action and purpose. Yoga is the yin to CrossFit’s yang. Against the strong, repetitive movements of a WOD come yoga’s lean, extended poses. Your breathing and heart rate, both elevated during a CrossFit workout, will become controlled and meditative in a yoga recovery session.

Yoga shouldn’t be thought of only in terms of recovery from the “real” workout. While yoga does supply effective stretching and increased flexibility, there is an extreme strength and concentration required that, for those not used to the practice, becomes a sweat session itself.

Yoga takes your joints through their full range of motion, promoting the variety of movements that CrossFit thrives on…

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